"We praise thee, O God : we acknowledge thee to be the Lord"

What do you give the person who has everything? Something consumable yet perpetually overflowing with blessings. For Christmas, birthday, congratulatory celebration, or just to show how much you value someone’s friendship. If you already own one of these hymnals but are not a musician and wish you could sing the hymns, you can now complete the package with two CD’s. Jeff Armstrong gave several hours of his own time, enduring the learning curve of the recorder, and played each tune (108 in all). If you do not have one of these hymnals, you should check it out. This is the collection of Pastor White’s hymns produced by Glen and Ann Putman. Some are hymns he added verses to; some he translated from the original German; but most of them he wrote and adapted to familiar tunes. It contains a plethora of classical art. The whole set is now available for $50. An absolute steal. A book of this quality goes for far more in a museum gift shop or even on Amazon. If you only need the CD’s, $10 per set. Every penny will support Houston Lutherans For Life. Pastor White made the comment that this is highly appropriate since it contains over 25 hymns dedicated to fighting the good fight to end abortion. If you would like to support this effort, please call, text, email, or trip Cindy Blake and she will meet you anywhere, any time with as many as you’d like. Until they run out. 832-398-5303. cindyablake@yahoo.com

Te Deum Project

The Te Deum project is the culmination of months of work by Our Savior Lutheran Church.

A pure labor of love to support Houston Lutherans for Life